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A Minimally Invasive Disc Decompression is a procedure used to alleviate the pain caused by a herniated disc.  This procedure generally takes about 45 minutes and is performed under either local or general anesthesia.  During this procedure the herniated disc material is removed allowing for the spinal nerve to be decompressed.  This procedure involves the utilization of fluoroscopic visualization and guidance to ensure the precise location of instruments as well as enhanced visualization of the surgical area.


How It Is Performed

During a Minimally Invasive Disc Decompression the surgeon will make a very small posterior incision, usually a few millimeters in length.  Once the incision is made a series of dilating sheaths are inserted between the muscles of the spine.  Next, a small tool, known as a Dekompressor Probe, is inserted into the center of the herniated disc.   Excess disc material is removed using this probe allowing the disc to return to its normal shape and alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves.  The incision is then closed.


Due to the Minimally Invasive nature of this procedure, patients generally return home the same day.

Dr. Fred GeislerBoard Certified Neurosurgeon
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