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A Minimally Invasive Cervical Corpectomy is a procedure utilized to treat symptoms common with Spinal Stenosis and multilevel Degenerative Disc Disease.  This procedure is most often implemented when a spinal condition affects both the spinal disc and vertebral segment.  The goal of this procedure is to decompress any of the structures that are causing spinal nerve irritation and are responsible for neck pain and radiculopathy of the extremities.


This procedure involves the utilization of fluoroscopic visualization and guidance to ensure the precise location of instruments as well as enhanced visualization of the surgical area.


How It Is Performed

During a Minimally Invasive Corpectomy, a small anterior or lateral incision is made at the affected levels of the cervical spine.  Once the incision is made, small surgical instruments are used to remove the discs above and below the affected vertebrae.  Once the discs are removed the damaged disc is then removed as well.  The removal of the discs and vertebrae allow for the decompression of the spinal nerve root.


Next, in the empty space where the disc was removed, a bone graft is implanted to allow for fusion.  This bone graft will fuse with the vertebrae above and below creating one stable bone.   The use of a stabilizing plate and/or small interbody screws may be used to increase stability. This process also restores height to the disc and prevents the nerve from become entrapped again.

Dr. Fred GeislerBoard Certified Neurosurgeon
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