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An Endoscopic or Microdiscectomy is a Minimally Invasive procedure used to treat herniated discs as well as resolve pain in the extremities as a result of the herniation.


This procedure involves the utilization of fluoroscopic visualization and guidance to ensure the precise location of instruments as well as enhanced visualization of the surgical area.


How It Is Performed

This procedure involves the surgeon making an incision of a few centimeters at the affected spinal level.  Once the incision is made, small endoscopes or microscopes are placed between muscle fibers to allow for increased visualization of the area.  The portions of the disc that are pressing onto the spinal nerves or have protruded into the spinal canal are removed using small surgical instruments.  In some instances, bone spurs may have also formed in the disc area (osteophytes) and may contribute to spinal nerve irritation.  These bone spurs will also be removed.


The removal of the material that is causing spinal nerve irritation will result in immediate relief from spinal pain as well as any radiculopathy.  Depending upon the severity of the spinal condition, it may take a few days or weeks for the nerve to fully healed and all pain to subside.  However, most patients feel an immediate and noticeable reduction in symptoms immediately.

Dr. Fred GeislerBoard Certified Neurosurgeon
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