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Sciatica is a condition that is the result of an underlying spinal condition that compress the exiting spinal nerve by a herniated disc or extra bone produced as a result of aging process with Spondylosis.  The Sciatic nerve begins in the lumbar spine where multiple spinal nerve gather together and continues through the pelvis and down both legs.  When this nerve becomes impinged, compressed or irritated Sciatic symptoms can appear.   Pain can appear as a persistent dull ache for some and for others this pain can be described as a sharp, burning or shooting pain.  Often standing or movement of the legs aggravates the intensity of this pain.


For some, the pain is intermittent and can be aggravated by certain activities or prolonged periods of standing or sitting.  In some instances, this pain is coupled with lower back pain and in other instances it only manifests as Sciatic pain.


Sciatica symptoms can include:

  • Pain that radiates into the buttocks and leg
  • Lower back pain
  • Weakness in the leg or foot


Dr. Fred GeislerBoard Certified Neurosurgeon
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