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An Interspinous Process Decompression utilizes a device known as X-Stop to treat the symptoms common with Spinal Stenosis.  This device is implanted into the spine to restrict the overextending positions that can aggravate the symptoms of Spinal Stenosis.  However, this device does not limit the regular flexion and extension of the spine and the fear of limited mobility has been eliminated.  The device is FDA approved and the procedure utilized a Minimally Invasive approach.


This procedure involves the utilization of fluoroscopic visualization and guidance to ensure the precise location of instruments as well as enhanced visualization of the surgical area.


How It Is Performed

During a Minimally Invasive X-Stop procedure, a small incision is made posteriorly at the affected levels of the spine.  The X-Stop device is then implanted between the Interspinous Processes at one or two levels, depending on the severity of the Spinal Stenosis symptoms.


The Interspinous Processes are the bony protrusions at the back of the spine that can usually be felt on the skin.  This area is where the muscles and ligaments of the spine attach to the vertebral structures.

Dr. Fred GeislerBoard Certified Neurosurgeon
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